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It all began one snowy day in José and Irene's kitchen....

La Cancun Restaurant is a Mexican-Salvadorian restaurant that caters to the diverse community of East Boston residents.

In 2011, Jose Torres and his wife Irene Torres saw an opportunity to open up their own restaurant and bring back a taste of home to the immigrants who had left their country in search of a better life. Jose had several years of management experience that he acquired throughout the years, while his wife had a passion for cooking and experimenting with new recipes. They were both very passionate and wanted to combine their skills with their love for hispanic cuisine.
They opened La Cancun Restaurant with the goal of offering delicious, authentic Mexican/Salvadorian food at an affordable price. 

Everything on our menu is homemade with traditional recipes and is prepared with love. As the needs of the neighborhood change we strive to keep up with the times without forgetting our humble beginnings


since 2011​


Contact us

192 Sumner St, Boston, MA 02128, EE UU

🇺🇸+1 617-567-4449

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